Spring-Klein Sports Association


Volunteer Opportunities and Information

SKSA is a volunteer based organization and we are always seeking individuals to help us with a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. We want to encourage you to take an active role towards improving your child's baseball experience by serving in whatever league role you feel comfortable.

If you have special skills and you are willing to share them, then what better way to do so than by serving the youth of your community. We assure you it will be a rewarding opportunity. We welcome all volunteers regardless of how much you are able to contribute. Our kids need your help.

Please send inquiries your volunteer inquiries to vp.volunteers@sksa.com and we will find the right opportunity for you.


Spring-Klein Baseball Board

Volunteer Roles

League Coordinators

The Spring-Klein Executive Baseball Board is seeking qualified applicants as League Coordinators. Our League Coordinators are General Board Members and they are charged with the responsibility of managing and coordinating their individual age groups. Coordinators need to have good communication skills and must be responsive to inquiries from parents. Coordinators are also responsible for escalation of issues to the attention of the Baseball Board as appropriate.

Managers & Assistant Coaches

Each team will need a manager and assistant coaches to help develop the players. Managers are responsible for scheduling all team practices and for leading the team on and off the field.

  • For the Metro, Seniors, SuperStars, or Summer League programs you can volunteer via our online registration system. Please note that managers are required to register online as well as submit a manager application for background check.
  • For Select, Elite and Premier programs managers must submit a manager application for background check as well as register their team online with Nations Baseball.
  • Register as a manager or assistant coach HERE.
Team Parents

Our team parents are a critical volunteer for each team. They coordinate and perform many of the administrative tasks for the team. This role can be performed by a single parent or managed via team committee with a main coordinator so all of the tasks can be shared.

  • For the Metro, Seniors, SuperStars, or Summer League programs you can volunteer via our online registration system HERE.
  • Check out "Team Parent Central" for important information and links.
Committee Members

There is a huge need for volunteers to help serve on several baseball committees. These committees will help coordinate and work various functions throughout the season like player registration, opening day (parade gift baskets, sponsor banners, etc.), field work day, fundraisers (candy, yard signs, window decals, etc.), uniforms, equipment and many others.

Open Positions

If we have any positions that are currently not filled we will post them here. To volunteer please contact us at vp.volunteers@sksa.com.



Select Forums Moderator

Manages the accounts and content on the SKSA Select Player forum. Works with the VP of Select and Baseball board to enforce forum rules and approve membership of Academy based teams. Works with VP of Communications for forum tool management and selection.

VP of Registration

Responsible for managing the online registration system and coordinating in-person registration days. Includes adminitration of the registration sessions, coorindation with the SKSA book keeper for reconciliation of outstanding balances, communicating to registrants on payments due,  and sending the email communications about registration to the SKSA database of participants.

VP of Fundraising

Coordinates all fundraising activities for SKSA youth baseball. Includes management of the Spring Registration fundraiser program which entails selecting the product(s) which will be sold and coordinating with vendors for delivery of merchandise. Works with the executive baseball board for approval of all programs. VP of Fundraising can be an invidual that is a distributor of a particular fundraising program. Also would include solicitation of advertising opportunities at the SKSA Rothwood complex and additional online programs that can be run at registration or on the website. Required to work with the SKSA book keeper for reconciliation of funds.

VP of Communications Manages and maintains the SKSA website, email and related communication tools. Responsible to coordinate with the board members for updating of the vaiorus program information through out the year. Performs management of the actual tools and technology solutions used including product/vendor selection and recommendations to the board. Coordinates delegation of work to the web master for updating of content. A technical background is required with knowledge of supporting or working with web platforms such as CMS, web site builders, or custom web development and communication tools.
VP of Seniors Baseball Promotes and runs the SKSA Seniors baseball program sessions through out the year. Coordinates with baseball board for development of the program seasons. Schedules and runs the try outs, draft and managers meetings.  Responsible for coordination with VP of Communications, VP of Registration and Team Parent coordinator as needed to facilitate the programs. Oversees and assists the managers and resolves issues that are reported coordinating with the executive baseball board as appropriate.