SKSA Family,
This Saturday, April 7, 2018 is our favorite day of the year! That’s right Carnival day! Here are a few tips to make sure the day goes smoothly for you and your players!

Please do not park by the concrete dividers even if there are cars parked next to them. Towing companies will be called for all cars parked there! That is a no parking area. Be on the lookout for no parking signs. Cars will be towed and that will ruin the fun of the day, don’t let it be you! If the front parking lot is full there is plenty of parking in the back lot including in the grassy area behind fields 10, 11, and 12.

You will need to Check-in at the table by the DJ booth which will be by field 5. This is also where you will get your team banner if you have not previously. You will need to be there about 10-15 minutes prior to your parade start time. Gather your team and enter through the back of field 5 (flag pole) Team mom, Coaches and players only. Parents can stand along the fence so they can take pictures, or be seated in the stands to cheer on the teams.

Pictures will be taken in the field next to the new field (along the side road leading to the back fields). You will need about 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Please make sure all order forms are completely filled out and take them with you. You will need to gather your team, coaches, 1 bat and 1 glove. Parents can wait in your designated area of your choice. If your team is ready, line them up shortest to tallest and more than likely they can get you in a few minutes early. We know it is busy, your game will NOT start without you.

SKSA Photo Order Form Spring 2018

There will be a check-in table in the main area by field 5 (this is how we keep track of your teams volunteer commitments). Check in a few minutes prior to your scheduled time and they will tell you where you need to go. Please remember you will be relieving another volunteer so please be on time.

Below are two documents to take a look at; the volunteer schedule, and the parade schedule. Thank you for all you do to help make SKSA a success!If you have any questions please let us know!

See you at the ball field!
SKSA Leadership Team

Volunteer Schedule.pdf
Parade Schedule.pdf

Parade Schedule

Volunteer Schedule